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High Performance, Advanced Technology


The Master Series is a line of CNC cutting systems designed to be reliable, cost-effective and high performing. 

To meet individual requirements, the Master Series provides a broad range of options that allow configurations of multiple oxy fuel & high definition torches.



  • Latest HYPERTHERM CNC controls or any preferred brand for high density plasma

  • VID Drive Technology (Vertical Idler Drive System)

  • Yaskawa or Delta super-duty AC servos & drives

  • APEX reductions gear boxes

  • Precision gear reducer

  • Festo pneumatics throughout

  • Oversized precision racks & pinions

  • Self-compensating pinions for constant repeatability

  • Precision square way linear bearings

  • Cutting Capacity up to 12' inch oxy

  • Cutting Speed up to 630 inch/min (IPM)

  • Positioning Accuracy 0.1 mm

  • Repeatability 0.05 mm

Sealed Igus Cable Chain
Sealed Igus Cable Chain
Copper Plug Seals
Anti-Spatter Sprayer Device
Wireless Remote control
Plasma bevel head
Oxy flame cutting process available
Electronic spark igniters
Automatic Height Levitator
Triple Torch Flame Cutting
Air Scriber Tool
Pen Marker Tool
Vertical Idler Drive System
Drive system
Heavy Duty Carriage Drive System
Self-Lubricating Rail Device
Heavy Duty Truck Wheels
Master oxicorte.png
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